Controlled Chaos

19 06 2010

One way in, one way out. Padded everything. Nothing high enough to break a bone if they fall. All the parents follow the unwritten rule to keep an eye on the ones within arm reach. And on the way out, maybe you buy an ice cream cone or something, pretty good deal for the mall.


Second Sail

18 04 2010

Got the chores done soon enough to try the sail boat out for the second time. Much better weather for sailing.

The biggest challenge I had were the geese that had turned the pond into their own little rest area during migration. They weren’t too happy about sharing it.

First Sail

4 04 2010

Bryan gave me a remote control sailboat to clean out one of his closets. This was my first time to sail it. Took me a little bit to get used to it but it didn’t take long. The concepts are just like the real thing so it’s very intuitive. I’m very glad I was able to try it out alone the first time so no one saw me run it aground a couple times. I have to say, for 12 mph winds, I am fairly proud of how well I did. Can’t wait to get it back out there. Bryan, do you have any more closets you need to clean out that has cool stuff in it? Thanks again!

Palm Sunday

28 03 2010

I can remember as a kid the feel of palms as you try to fold them into a cross. Funny how some things stick with you so many years later. It’s strange how church can become nostalgic.

Set 3 of 4

21 03 2010

I must have taken this picture the last time I was down but forgot to post it. Finally I have the third set of cousins. This is Braden and Bailey. Only one more set to go! I wonder what the prize will be. Liz, when are you coming down?!?

Great Wolf Lodge

21 03 2010

I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX this weekend. Got a few pics in the hotel room but none in the waterpark. I’ll post some soon, but here is one I got on my phone. It was after a bedtime story the staff did one night, Trinity loved it! Well at first it sort of scared her until they sang a song that said there was nothing to be afraid of. Overall it was a very good weekend. If the water was a few degrees warmer it would have been perfect (but it was freezing outside so I can’t complain). This is a picture of Trinity with Wiley the Wolf (I’m sure Warner Brothers at least thought about a suit).

Set 2 of 4

24 12 2009

Forgot to post this during my last trip home for Thanksgiving. This is the second set of cousins. Two more to go. maybe I’ll be able to collect the third set during this trip for Christmas. Liz, we’re going to have to come up with a plan to collect the last (and more rare set)!